Curriculum Vitae


Gorm Danscher R, DMSc, DVM

Professor Emeritus of Neurobiology

Department of Biomedicine

Faculty of Health Sciences
Aarhus University
DK-8000 Aarhus C, Denmark



Monday, July 17, 2023


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Ridder af Dannebrogordenen ('Knight of the Danish Flag'), bestowed by Queen Margrethe II



DVM, Faculty of Life Sciences, University of Copenhagen

DrMedSc (DMSc) - Faculty of Health Sciences, University of Aarhus


Positions and employments:

1988-2008       Professor of Neurobiology, Department of Biomedicine, Neurobiology, Health Sciences, University of Aarhus

1970-88:          Associate professor, same place

1969-70:          Assistant professor, same place

1968-69:          Assistant professor, Institute of Biochemistry, Faculty of Health Sciences, University of Aarhus

1967-68:          Assistant professor, Institute of Pharmacology, Faculty of Life Sciences, University of Copenhagen


2008-:             Professor Emeritus of Neurobiology, Department of Biomedicine

2002-:             Founder and CEO, Berlock ApS, Denmark

2016-:             Member of board, Safe Implant Technology ApS, Denmark

2020-:             Member of board, Regold ApS, Denmark  

2023-:             Member of board, AuroDerm Aps, Denmark


Other experience and professional memberships:

1988-89:          Dean, Faculty of Health Sciences, University of Aarhus

1988                Designed the PhD study at the faculty

1988                Worked out and introduced the research year for medical students

1984-87:          Vice dean, same place

1996-98:          Deputy leader of the medical educational board

1983-89:          Member of the board of the University of Aarhus

1983-89           Member of the board of the at Faculty of Health Sciences, University of Aarhus

1989-98:          Coordinator at The Steno Center – a multi-institute center for public health research at the Faculty of Health                                    Sciences, University of Aarhus

1990-98:          Member of the board of Center for Arctic Environmental Medicine, a research center related to The Steno Center

1993-98:          Coordinator of a concert EU action on “Occupational hazards to male reproductive capability”, the Asclepius                                    project, involving 13 European laboratories.

1986-2004:      Member of the Aarhus University Research Foundation

1989-2008:      Head of the Department of Neurobiology

1995-1997:      Deputy head of Institute of Anatomy

1997-2008:      Director of Institute of Anatomy

2004:               President of the international conference "Zinc Signals 2004", held at the University of Aarhus, June 19-23

2008 -              Professor Emeritus in Neurobiology, Department of Biomedicin, Faculty of Heath Sciences, Aarhus University

2007 -              Holds the Honorary chair of International Society for Zinc Biology

2002 -              Founder and CEO Berlock ApS

2017 -              Founder and board member Safe Implant Technology ApS

2019 -              Cofounder and member of board in ReGold ApS

2023 -              Cofounder and member of board in AuroDerm ApS


Have supervised more than 50 young scientists (Master, PhD, DMSc)


Total number of refereed articles in international journals: 245

Citations:  15.952  h-index 66 ResearchGate; i10 index 193 since 2018: 2026 citations.


Published patents and patent applications:



G. Danscher “Micro-seized gold, kit comprising said gold and its use as a nontoxic immune suppressor.”   US Pat No.: US 10,111,904 B2. Date of patent Oct. 30,2018

G. Danscher: Gold particles for use in therapy to prevent scar formation” EU patent application no. EP 16176880.9 (2016). Date of patent.

G. Danscher: Suppression of granulation tissue” EU patent application no EP 17178814,4  2017

G. Danscher: Implantable device having an outer surface comprising gold and its use as an anti-migration device. EP 16176882.5 (2016). Date of patent.


Patent Applications

G. Danscher and Peter Bjerring “Gold particle for use in therapy to prevent or reduce the formation of biofilm in patients who are to receive, are receiving, or have received soft tissue filler.”

EP23153122.9 Date of application (2023).