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Application of metallic gold as a remedy for inflammation and pain

In the past 20 years  research has shown that metallic gold releases charged gold atoms when in contact with phagocytotic cells. It has since long been proven gold ions, applied to the body by  gold containing drugs, suppress inflammation. These two facts  indicates that metallic gold implants suppress inflammation around them.


The idea of using metallic gold as a treatment of various diseases is very old, and the use of gold needles for acupuncture also origins in times long past. Gold-based acupuncture, i.e. small pieces of gold placed permanently in acupuncture points, was introduced in the USA some fifty  years ago, and since then veterinarians and medical doctors have used gold implants to treat pain related to rheumatism. As the method is not acknowledged as a rational treatment, being acupuncture based, it has been used on dispensation from the national health authorities.

’Local gold regime’ (professionals)

Treatment of aseptic inflammation with gold implants


When a gold implant is placed in the body. macrophages will attack the metallic gold surface. The macrophages build a membrane between themselves and the implant, and control the chemical events in the membrane.


The chemical environment in membrane (called a “dissolution membrane”) liberates gold ions off  the gold surface, and the  ions, generally thought to be gold-cyanide anions (Au(CN)2-), accumulate in the membrane.


The greater the  surface and the more macrophages the greater release of  gold ions .  From the dissolution membrane the bio-released gold ions defuse out into the surrounding tissue where they are taken up by local cells.


The attacking macrophages being closest to the dissolution membrane are the first to take up gold ions. The uptake of gold ions appears to block the release of HMGB1 from the nucleus reducing the amount available to provoke the body's immune system and in turn weakening the inflammatory response and to down-regulate their cytokine signalling, thus slowing or even stopping the inflammatory signal cascade and inflammatory reaction.


Intriguingly, the macrophages themselves endure the exposure for only a limited period of time, whereupon they move away and are replaced by new macrophages.


A second target of the gold ions which is undoubtedly involved in the anti-inflammatory effect are the Mast cells, which concentrate the gold ionsm primarely  in their secretory granules. The gold ions has been shown to  down regulate the release of the pro-inflammatory signal, histamine from the Mast cells.


The concentration of  gold ions produced from a given metallic gold surface regulated by   the intensity of the local inflammation. While only small numbers of  gold ions are released into normal, healthy, non-inflamed  tissue,  inflamed tissue will cause a substantial release. Therefore,  there is a kind of negative feedback in which more inflammation (more macrophages) causes releases of more gold ions, reducing  the inflammation and leading to af fall in the amount of bio-released gold ions.


In conclusion: Clinically effective levels of bio-released gold ions are created around  metallic gold implants by macrophages. The concentration of released gold ions is low, but clinically effective. Because the amount of gold ions is so small  all are taken up by nearby cells and there  no spread  to the rest of the  organism takes place. Because all the bio-released gold ions  stay local  the technique is  safe.


The trials to date suggest that only one injection is needed in any given location  to obtain lifelong clinical effect i.e. suppression of inflammation within the sphere of bio-released gold ions around the gold implant.

Berlock ApS

Use of metallic gold as a non-toxic immune suppressor


  1. involves

Bio-release of gold ions from gold implants

Executive summary:

Berlock ApS is a Research & Development Company with activities in the field of biomedical technology. The company has close connections to universities and research institutes.

       Our specific field of interest is the application of millimetre and > 20 micron seized gold implants as local providers of gold ions in a biomedical context. Focus is on the treatment of inflammation, the third fastest growing therapeutic area.   Berlock own several patents dealing with the use of gold implants as a provider of curative gold ions.

       A substantial scientific literature, on the treatment of rheumatic diseases with gold ion containing drugs like Myocrisin® has indisputably shown that gold ions suppress inflammation. There exist thus clear proofs for gold ions being curative.

       When gold implants are used as providers of gold ions the treatment is local, i.e. no spread to the rest of the body. Gold ions are only found in a mm narrow 3D zone around the implant.

       In noninflamed tissue a gold implant will continue to release tiny amounts of gold ions (i.e. dicyanoaurate ions). This state could be called the resting stage, but if the locality are or become inflamed the amount of bio-released gold ions will grow because of the local raise in  number of macrophages.  ‘Gold implant therapy’ – Auromedication -   is a safe way of treating locale/regional autoimmune maladies, and it is without known side effects.          



The Berlock patents and patent applications aim at protecting the use of gold,
as a pharmaceutical prescription of gold ions.

The Berlock gold concept is treatment of inflammation with metallic gold simplants/particles and its hallmarks are:

Metallic gold is non-toxic

Metallic gold can be used in various forms:

Injection of gold particles BerlockMicroImplants (BMI) into or around joints, into cerebrospinal fluid, along sutured                  wounds in skin as well as in uterus and other internal organs, into gingiva in patients with paradentosis or inflamed                  bursae etc.

Injection of 'macro'  implants i.e. mm sized implants called  BerlocckImplants (BI) 

Injection of 'micro'  implants i.e. micron sized implants called BerlockMicroImplants (BMI) around or into inflammatory joints, or other tissues  suffering autoimmune inflammation  

Incomplete/patchy gilding of prostheses  to secure a life long intimate conextion between bone and prosthesis l

Gold particles on the surface of breast prothesis, hernia meshes etc. to secure a thin elastic capsules around the implant.

Injection of gold particles BMI into dermis of skin suffering from inflammation (eczema/ psoriasis)

Treatment of mamma prosthesis, stents, meshes for hernia, umbilicus, wounds etc, with micron sized gold                            particle BMI, to ensure that the connective capsules around the foreign bodies stay thin and elastic.

Peroral treatment with tablets containing gold particles BMI to suppress inflammation caused by wounds in                            stomach and guts.

The potential targets are many

The technology is safe, efficient and unique

Application focus:

In broad terms, the BMI and BI aim at establishing a local, non-toxic gold cure in a sphere around the application site.

Berlock has decided on a focused strategy, which is to initiate, in parallel, proofs of concept on four application areas:

·         Bone- prosthesis securing

·         Joint inflammation (arthritis, arthrosis)

·         Inner and outer epithelial surfaces lesions

·         Sterile inflammation in the central nervous system

·         Fibrous capsules around operation-mesh and prosthesis e.g. mamma prosthesis